Everyone likes music. Might have different taste and prefer specific genres but the fact stays same. Whatโ€™s also different? The extent to which someone loves music. I donโ€™t know about you but music follows me everywhere, 24/7. So, I guess I am a hard-core music fan. Are you?


Answer the YES and NO questions below.

If your answer is YES โ€“ you get 1 point.

If your answer is NO โ€“you get 0 points.

Results are in the end.


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1) Do you have any songs in your phone?

2) Do you have any songs in your pc?

3) Do you always have a set of headphones/earphones with you?

4) Do you have a favorite band and/or singer?

5) Do you like multiple musicians/bands very much?

6) Do you have your favorite music genres?

7) Do you have YouTube account?

8) Do you have Spotify account?

9) Do you listen to any musicians that are not pop/very well-known/mainstream?

10) Do you set a nice song for your alarm clock (not leaving default one)?


11) Do you go to sleep listening to music?

12) Do you pay attention to music lyrics?

13) Do you pay for music (Spotify, App stores, iTunes, physical shops, etc)?

14) Do you go to live music concerts?

15) Have you been to live music concert in the past 24 months?

16) Do you read music news?

17) Do you follow your favourite musicians on social media?

18) Can you differ music genres and styles?

19) Do you listen to music in more than 2 languages?

20) Do you attend music festivals?

21) Do you choose restaurants/pubs/cafes based on the music theyโ€™re playing?

22) Do you sing along to your favourite songs?


23) Do you know lyrics by heart to more than 10 songs?

24) Do you listen to music when googling โ€˜texas holdem rules for dummiesโ€™ or any other web search?

25) Do you listen to music when playing texas holdem poker or any other video game?

26) Do you sing/play an instrument/dance a lot?

27) Do you pay a lot of attention to the music in movies?

28) Do you listen to music in a car/during daily commutes?

29) Do you listen to music at work/university/school?

30) Do you always have music playing at home while cooking, showering, cleaning, etc.?

31) Do you have more than one music app on your phone (Spotify, YouTube, music player, Musixmatch, etc.)?

32) Do you talk about music a lot?

33) Would your friends tell me that music is one of your main passions/hobbies?

34) Do you agree to the statement โ€˜No music โ€“ no lifeโ€™?

35) Do you spend more than 2 hours per day listening to music?


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1 โ€“ 10 points: you LIKE music.

You prefer to listen a song or two from time to time, when you are bored, when you want to dance a bit or some tunes to brighten your day. You know whatโ€™s trending and what you like but might not be that much into music to discover new musicians or spend time following music news.

11 โ€“ 23 points: you REALLY LIKE music.

You listen to music, you attend live music events and music follows you quite a bit. You can name multiple musicians that are trending right now and you might get involved into passionate discussions about how they might not be even that much good. However, you donโ€™t need music to fill all your activities and have different hobbies that take priority.

24 โ€“ 35 points: you LOVE music.

You are the sincerest music fan. You listen to music all the time. You cannot imagine a day without music and you would give away your whole salary to get VIP tickets if your favourite bands came to town. You care about your beloved musicians deeply, attend their concerts, buy all of the albums and would get into a fight if someone called them lame. All in all, for you music is definitely life. Keep rocking, buddy, civilianband.com knows how you feel!

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