Folk music? Really? This is Ländler from Switzerland; Schlager, Francine Jordi, Heino and how they all are called.

No not only. This is also an overbeat, which is applied to all music, which is not originally handed down in writing, in a certain sense, therefore, primordial music. Folksongs are songs that are passed down from generation to generation and belong to the cultural heritage of a country or a language group.

This folk music can inspire. The “Neue Volksmusik” is a genre created by young musicians, who have been influenced in their style, on the one hand by the current (pop) music, on the other by local music, the folk music of the region. This was often the case in the 1970s and 1980s, as did the respective political currents.


One of the first German groups to combine Bavarian lyrics with pop, jazz and folk music were Haindling. Hans-Jürgen Buchner, the head of the band, is very interested in world music and can also use Tibetan tones in his music. He considers the texts to be Bavarian, however, because this dialect is threatened with extinction.

Joscho Stephan Trio

With roots in Gypsy Swing, the Joscho Stephan Trio is a symbol for the integration of traditional music components into modern arrangements. He combines Gypsy melodies with klezmer, pop, jazz, latin and classical music.

Grandpa Tsupa

If we look something out of the box and go to France, we find the group «Opa Tsupa». A group active until 2015, inspired by the swing of the thirties, as well as traditional French chansons. This band is known for its strong stage shows.

Max Raabe and his palace orchestra

The legendary palace orchestra goes back to 1986. The repertoire is predominantly the music of dance orchestras of the 1920s and 1930s. The group was known to a wide audience by the participation in the film “The moving man”. Often they interpret songs by the “comedian harmonists”, but they also play their own compositions such as “No pig calls me”. The lyrics are gloriously slanting and make the listener smile.


Manau was founded almost twenty years ago in France. It is a hip-hop group that mixes traditional, Celtic music with rap. The members are all from Brittany, the name “Isle of Man” in Old Gaelic. “Panique Celtique” was the debut album, which appeared in 1998 and struck like a bomb. In Germany they were known by SWR3, which often played «La Tribu de Dana».

These five bands are intended to give a brief insight into how the influences of traditional folk music are diverse. One could go on with the article much further and enter Klezmer or Fado. Also German folk would be worth mentioning. This style was very popular in the 1970s when Irish music and English folk entered the stage. But they wanted to reproduce less the traditional sounds than to draw attention to political messages.