If you listen to some of the song lyrics on the radio, on Youtube, or one of the many music stations, you will notice that most of the songs have great beats and are a bit drastic, but rather empty and often repetitive.

Whoever is looking for a true meaning or even a message in today’s lyrics, will often be bitterly disappointed: what do we usually listen to? Songs that are about fast cars, money, luxury, hot women and parties. Although this can sometimes be quite nice, and you can quickly and easily forget your everyday worries, it becomes after a while just boring and monotonous. In short: Most music fans want to hear a song with a real, profound text, which tells a message, views or story.

The music industry as well as the music itself have changed greatly in recent years, and anyone who is looking for meaningful texts will find that this change has a negative effect on the music.

The question here is, inevitably, whether the music itself has lost its significance when we only listen to songs in which it is just about banalities and imaginary riches.

Music has always been – and always will – of great importance to us. And although most of the lyrics are empty and meaningless, there are still songs that give one the least thought.

In Beyonce’s hit “If I were a Boy,” it is about how men would feel when women treated them the way they were treated by men. This change of visibility is not exactly philosophical, can open up one or the other, perhaps, the eyes or give a few thought-provoking.

Furthermore, one must not forget that sometimes it is also necessary to listen to a song after a hard day, which can be easily given, which makes you happy, makes you happy and makes you think positively, and you do not have to think too much about it.

Although lyrics of the content nowadays are very different from those with which most of us grew up, there are still some exceptions to be found today – you just have to look for them. Usually these songs are not found on the radio or in the charts, but they exist. If you want to be safe, you might want to take a closer look at music, which was released 5 or 10 years ago – here you have the chance to get more meaningful lyrics.

But even if the lyrics leave much to be desired, the music itself has not lost its meaning – music can influence one without text. You just have to give yourself the beats and the rhythm.