Music to relieve stress, fatigue and depression … Is it real?

Is it possible to relax with the help of sounds alone, and even more so to affect such serious demotivating states as stress and depression?

Specialists from all over the world who study the influence of music on the human body, say that all this is possible.

We will tell you why this method helps, and what music from depression and stress you need to listen to.

Music as a medicine: anti-stress properties

Musical works from ancient times were a well-known and widely used means of influencing human emotions.

The phenomenon of music – just the sound vibrations that find such a powerful response in our soul – is still a mystery to neurobiologists and psychologists around the world.

But scientists have achieved success in another field – studying the positive influence of music on mental and physical health.

The reasons for this, as well as the emotional response, are still unknown, but the results are undeniable: music is an excellent tool for relieving stress and anxiety.

Even cats who are in anxious condition, calm down at the sound of melodic music.

In addition, melodies are actively used for:

  • Calming and lulling children
  • Reducing stress and anxiety in patients before surgery
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Memory Improvements
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Prevent emotional burnout
  • Mood Enhancements

Experts argue: the whole point is that the sound is based on sound vibrations.

Based on the results of the research, vibro-acoustic therapy was developed, a treatment in which low-frequency sounds affecting the body or bones are applied to the body.

The researchers themselves say that the easiest way to understand how the patient feels vibro-acoustic therapy is to sit on the included subwoofer in his own car.

You can try, just remember: there are no therapeutic properties of such experiments.

To music really helped you from nerves and stress, it is not necessary to look for the nearest vibro-acoustic therapist.

Antistress music is so beautiful that it works through the ways that scientists have not yet solved: through our unconscious, directly affecting the different parts of the brain.

And so make yourself comfortable and remember how to make your life more musical, easier and much more pleasant.

Right start – get up with the music

Imagine what life would be like if the sun did not rise smoothly above the horizon every morning, but simply turned sharply in the middle of the sky like a giant lantern.

And what if every morning you woke up an explosion or a siren?

Quite stressful conditions, and yet we constantly subject ourselves to them voluntarily – that’s how the body regards an awakening from an alarm clock, an audio system or a TV set.

This is especially good for pregnant women.

Be a little kinder to yourself. Choose a melody that brings you associations with a peaceful dawn, a gentle touch or something else pleasant, and charges with a good mood.

Put it on the alarm clock and adjust the gradual increase in sound.

For morning gatherings, pick up an invigorating and inspiring playlist.

Do not force yourself to be more active than you want, do not motivate yourself through strength.

Instead, choose tunes that relax you and tune into a calm positive mood – this attitude and music will be the first means to relieve stress.

Medicine for every day – sing along!


If you want to further enhance the effect of listening to music, try to sing along with it.

It would be good to exercise at the same time.

Thus, you spread the vibrations throughout the body, on each of its cells, and also deepen and calm your breathing, which promotes relaxation.

Do not hesitate and sing where you want: in the shower, in the car, before going to bed, while cleaning, playing games at this link or cooking.

You can sing along to your playlist, or you can try your hand at “a cappella”.

And most importantly – enjoy the way the melody flows through you!

Tip: choose songs that you know for singing, and, of course, those that will cheer, cheer or inspire you. Experiment with the tracks, listen to yourself after each song: are you good after its performance?

We believe that you will succeed!

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