Many people imagine life as a professional musician fantastic, glamorous and romantic: you dream of screaming fans, perfectly harmonious orchestras, concerts all over the world, lots of money and a luxurious life without worries.

But how does life really look like musicians? Does it correspond to these ideas or are there negative sides?

Read in this article the greatest pros and cons with which one must live as a musician.


As a musician one has the chance to give form and expression to his emotions; This can not only open the heart to you – music can also cheer you up when you feel bad or a new heights of joy. So if you want to save money on therapy, you can do this with the help of music!

It is hard to deny that musicians have a certain sex appeal and have an almost magical appeal to the other sex; The appearance is mostly unimportant. Even though this may be a banal reason to become a musician, this is often the reason why many have chosen this profession.

But even if you are not looking for a partner, you can as a musician meet and meet all sorts of people from all over the world and this is definitely a big plus. So you can make new friendships (or even professional contacts) and expand your horizon by the way.

If you’re looking for a mentally stimulating job, a career as a musician is a good thing to do, as you have to concentrate on playing an instrument or singing. This way, you can forget about everything while you are practicing, or even concentrate on the work – the music.


Life as a musician has not only positive aspects, but it can also lead to some difficulties that should not be ignored.

If you want to earn your living with music, you have to be good – and to be really good you have to practice a lot. In most cases, a few hours per day is spent alone and who is especially socially involved, it will be difficult to spend so much time alone.

And, of course, practicing is not an easy thing to do, and anyone who really wants to be successful often has to invest a lot of time for several years to reach a certain level.

After all the hard work you want, of course, that your own music is loved by the audience, but you should keep in mind that music is a very subjective matter. While there are many people who like a musical direction, there are just as many people (or perhaps even more!) Who do not like the musical direction and who do not shy away from telling or writing this to one. It is therefore absolutely essential that you prepare yourself mentally for such negative comments and not take them too seriously, otherwise you can lose the desire to work quickly.